The workshop Notations, Reflection & Strategies of Display at APL – Angewandte Performance Laboratory aims at critically sharing the project’s research practices and conceptual frameworks in order to deepen and expand the ongoing processes of inquiry. As the event’s title suggests, the practices of notation and reflection as well as the strategies of display defined and performed in this project are points of focus.
Practices of notation are understood in this framework as processes realized in different media and in immediate contact with the inquired agencies, aiming at producing artifacts that enable a sensory-cognitive access to these agencies, not only for the notators but for all researchers interested in this issue.
The practices of reflection are mediated by notations and intended to intensify the approach to the investigated agencies as well as outlining (provisory) conclusions about them.
The strategies of display, on the one hand, connect both practices by presenting the artifacts of notation in the most adequate way for performing practices of reflection and, on the other hand, they lead to realizing the most convenient ways of presenting both artifacts of notation and reflection to a specialized and a general public.

This event is structured in three parts. In the first, an internal workshop, the above-described practices and their underpinning conceptual frameworks will be scrutinized using a hands-on approach by a small but diverse group of researchers. In the second, the public dialogue, the findings of the workshop will be dialogically shared with an open audience. In the third, the exploratory installation, artifacts of notation and reflection will be publicly displayed in order to further incentivize dialogues and open-ended processes of reflection.


Participants: Alex Arteaga, Emma Cocker, Karmen Franinović, Nikolaus Gansterer,  Paul Petritsch, Frida Robles, Charlotta Ruth, Nicole Six.