↓ identifier: N-Stern-20220303-1600-Melbourne

↓ identifier: N-Stern-20220303-1600-Melbourne

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↓ notes

Looking up towards the sun in order to try to more fully encounter the agency of heat, I noticed the crisp, dry leaves were falling around me, creating a blanket on the ground. I thought about working with the sound of fallen leaves as a way of indexing heat as it transfers through different materials. I collected leaves that were falling, trying to catch them before they hit the ground, and placed them in a paper bag. I then inserted a small microphone into the bag and recorded as I explored the brittle texture of the leaves through actions of crunching and rubbing. I stopped when most of the leaves had been crunched into a fine dust.

↓ panorama

↓ short description of the atmosphere

I am focused on the warmth of the sun on my face and back in the internal courtyard of Collingwood Yards. The atmosphere is relatively calm and still, with few people around, except for those sitting or strolling quietly by. I am aware of the ambient noise of the construction site next door, and of the way that the acoustic environment is shaped by the architecture of the internal courtyard and its solid high walls on multiple sides.

artifacts of notation

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