↓ identifier: N-Ruth-20211005-1120-Vienna

↓ identifier: N-Ruth-20211005-1120-Vienna

↓ tactics of showing

cards to be presented like a comic strip narrative. To be read with a flash light.

↓ notes

caption of artifacts of notation: Drawing and writing onto white small papers & black plastic cards with a black pencil and white ink (running out). notes: an additionally produced mosquito like voice sound can be produced through/with the body suggested on card 4. This sound is a memory of the original machine sound. My own presence and attention while notating, was inspired by the the dog mentioned in the snap-shot merged with the memory of a dog in the children book “Ture kokar soppa” (Eng: Ture cooks soup) by Anna-Karin Tidholm & Thomas Tidholm, that I read every second day since a month.

↓ panorama

↓ short description of the atmosphere

A space full of details and material confrontations. Big scale and small scale. Echo.

artifacts of notation