↓ identifier: N-Jadu-20220303-1627-Melbourne

↓ identifier: N-Jadu-20220303-1627-Melbourne

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not defined yet

↓ notes

a scored action for humming together documented by a series of photographs

↓ panorama

↓ short description of the atmosphere

Tense slightly. Neither out nor in, Not in public use nor private, bit of a thoroughfare. To record straight away is weird. So may be will do a bit after. But for now there are sort of these powerful forces that affect temperature: Walls floor. The cleanliness. It's easy it makes it cool. Sounds that are imposed and quite in the fore front: hope st music Not the best ATM, so I feel warmer than necessary because of it and it's friction with the banter and the JLo and the construction sounds. Construction sounds because it's warm already it's more warming. JLo from construction radio- funny and a lil stimulating, not sure if this is a temperature or if this conjuring nostalgia has a temperature. Little car sounds are cooling Then Then There's a security camera. + There's eyes Thru clean windows. I feel like an inconvenience and I feel warmer because of it. I feel contrived. But I'll sit a while _ Then a while was had Judgement lessened A hug with someone I knew. Craig David came on at hope st. May be the sun also physically passed a little further. I decide on wind

artifacts of notation