↓ identifier: N-Holzer-20220603-1240-Vienna

↓ identifier: N-Holzer-20220603-1240-Vienna

↓ tactics of showing


↓ notes

artifact of notatipon: 4 scores./ notes: I need to move, to get in motion to notate. I need and want to connect with my body moving. At least for now. I was moving around about 7min. It is a public park, so I am carefully covering myself in the shade of some trees behind the bank. If I walk and move upright, I am free enough to change places in the place. Gap between the notating instrument and the sensory apparatus.

↓ panorama

↓ short description of the atmosphere

Sunny & hot on a round space in the park. The ground around is made by grey gravels. A fountain with a little water springs into a pool of resting greenish still water. I am sitting alone on a bench. Some people sitting around, eating, reading chatting. Peaceful. Little traffic. Trees, some grass and flowers add a coolness. Rest and peacefulness. Some kids play in the background. Nothing too much here, maybe the sun.

artifacts of notation

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