↓ identifier: N-Gansterer-20210511-1620-Vienna

↓ identifier: N-Gansterer-20210511-1620-Vienna

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↓ notes

caption of artifacts: A series of three connected subsequent drawings done with chalk and coloured pencils, black paper, each 50 x 70 cm

↓ panorama

↓ short description of the atmosphere

I am on my own in front of my studio. I put a large table there. I am watching the sky, the changing intensities of light, the fading away of light. This shift is way really subtile to notice, not within a momet more over time. It is taking minutes. I am taking minutes. The night will come. Its not there yet. Later lot of inscet and moscitos visit and bite me. bit anoying but I am in a flow. Then it is getting dark. Twilight almost gone. Lots of insects. I dont feel cold. Feel beeing drawing into the dark. Frenzy. Buzz. Insects gone, crickets fell silent, flow hushed.

artifacts of notation