↓ identifier: N-Franinovic-20211005-1120-Vienna

↓ identifier: N-Franinovic-20211005-1120-Vienna

↓ tactics of showing

cards to be presented like a comic strip narrative. To be read with a flash light.

↓ notes

caption of artifacts of notation: cardboard, black paper drawing, pens, glasses, video files, sound files. notes: The action of drawing sound resonates in space. Resonance makes me redraw lines. This in itself could be an artefact of notion. Registering how generating sound, generates new movement, new drawing. What sound agency? How sound agency? The material conditions of space enable resonant sonic actions. The atmosphere makes us do (or not) certain things that produce sound. The machines buzz provides continuous sonic background. Human actions pierce the quietness. Humming falls like a waterfall down the invisible walls of the dome and embrace entities in space. Notation itself acts and transforms emergent atmosphere.

↓ panorama

↓ short description of the atmosphere

From the outside: I see the space is grey, metallic and glassy. I notice the huge glass dome. An acoustically super inviting space. Already from the outside I can sense its resonance. It invites action. Inside: The space makes me act. I don’t feel like notating ,but like playing with it. Walking. Clapping. Sliding. Voicing. I don’t feel like being static or fixed to one location. Maybe I’ll chose a vector, a direction, a section of this atmosphere to notate how sound affects and generates it. There are others in the space who are listening. Ergoaudition (listening to own sonic actions) transforms the potential of activating space into taking care of others. And for cooperation. I am in a flow of alteration between aggressive atmospheres triggered by loud impact sounds and a generous atmospheres of humming and voicing.

artifacts of notation