↓ identifier: N-Arteaga-20190503-1355-Venice

↓ identifier: N-Arteaga-20190503-1355-Venice

↓ tactics of showing

Simultaneous reproduction of all videos on different screens. (It could work as well as a series of stills. It is interesting when the video stops and the “aura” of the pieces of fabric can be seen.)

↓ notes

I walked slowly underneath the hanging pieces of clothing between the walls of two buildings. I looked constantly through the visor of the video camera and recorded when the agency of the textile material resonated with the atmosphere.

↓ panorama

↓ short description of the atmosphere

Windy. A little bit cold. Empty. Pieces of clothing hanging between houses. Kind of abandoned although people live here. Something in between—between a lot of different things.

artifacts of notation