Publishers: Nikolaus Gansterer, Alex Arteaga
Contingent Agencies Research Project (FW-AR 546)

Address: University of Applied Arts Vienna
Oskar Kokoschka Platz 2
1010 Vienna, Austria/ EU

Telephon: +43171133-2824

Photographers: Alex Arteaga, Nikolaus Gansterer, Victor Jaschke, Desiree Palmen
Design: todojunto
Development & Coding: Christian Kartnig, Pablo Volt
Thanks to the team of Portfolio & Showroom: Florian Bettel, Alexandra Frank, Sandra Hauzmayer, Andrea Klaura, Veronika Kocher, Philipp Mayer, Wiebke Miljes, Marta Palandri, Bernhard Saltuari

Contingent Agencies’ website is the first website of an artistic research project realized in connection with base Angewandte, a web-based platform for applications that digitally support art and science, and research and teaching developed at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Through this, Contingent Agencies contributes directly to fostering and disseminating artistic research in the university framework and beyond.

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