↓ identifier: R-Gansterer-20211006-1515-Vienna

↓ identifier: R-Gansterer-20211006-1515-Vienna

↓ tactics of showing

An installation consisting of a photo of one drawing on beige paper (60 x 42 cm ) which is being projected on a transparent piece of paper (42 x 30 cm) which servers as small projection screen and sheds light on the compressed photoshop document which was printed out and serves as a backdrop for the scenary.

↓ notes

Drawing in relation of the artifacts provided and the fabrication of one photoshop document where I compress all visual elements given in one image.

↓ panorama

↓ short description of the situation in which the reflection takes place

Concentrated working atmosphere. We all work individually on various reflections. Time is bit short due to my double function as organizer and researcher – but I start the process of reflecting anyway and think I will continue later the day or even tomorrow.

artifacts of reflection