↓ identifier: N-Scoglio-20220303-1600-Melbourne

↓ identifier: N-Scoglio-20220303-1600-Melbourne

↓ tactics of showing

not defined

↓ notes

Artefacts of notation: embodied archive, text, voice, video

↓ panorama

↓ short description of the atmosphere

The place is foreign. Urban. Institutional. Structural. Constructional. I like it best up here in the shade with the tree tops all ‘alone’. There are many atmospheres here co-existing. Competing. Collaborating. People are busy doing ‘Things’. A man is loudly banging a metal pipe. Capitalism does its best to ignore the affects of competing atmospheres. I tune into temperature - not just as an agency but as one of the present coexisting atmospheres - spheres of relational flow.

artifacts of notation

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