↓ identifier: N-Ruth-20211005-1505-Vienna

↓ identifier: N-Ruth-20211005-1505-Vienna

↓ tactics of showing

Embodied memory of the agency described above + spontaneously written instructions written on the side-walk a photo of a sibling material that guested the notation (white material on scaffolding).

↓ notes

caption of artifacts of notation: Drawing and writing onto white small papers & black plastic cards with a black pencil and white ink (running out). notes concerning the agency: I am focusing on the relation between wind and my notation protocol & score. / notes concerning the practice of notation: My body is trying to experiencing the same relation/reaction. At the end Chalk notes concerning the place: I stay on the grass field of Georg-Coch Platz, Vienna

↓ panorama

↓ short description of the atmosphere

Extremely windy. Open space. My colleagues tripping in. I feel the anticipation of physical focus. An old man is paying attention to everything we do.

artifacts of notation